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The Different Kinds of Yard Maintenance Jobs

yard-maintenancePlanting various evergreen shrubs into your garden will make it look more lush and healthy even in the winter months. Try to remember to include other natural elements that will also create a more pleasing look, like rocks which are layered to provide a better backdrop for low shrubs or retaining walls on your islands and beds. These too will help keep your yard maintenance to the bear minimum.

The basic job of weeding on a regular basis will make a huge impact on the quality of your maintenance. By removing any flowering weeds from the grass, beds or islands in your garden, it will instantly look less chaotic and better kept. Remember to remove the weeds root system, as they will only grow back again.

Watering and replacing the nutrients in your garden is very important too. Find out exactly how much water your garden requires for your climate and then set your sprinkler system to meet this need. Plus, try to create a regular schedule to apply fertilizers or compost, which will restore all the nutrients back into your soil. The end result is shrubs and plants that are more healthy.

By using the right elements in your garden design, keeping your lawn cut its correct height, and clearing weeds regularly, you can keep your garden looking fresher and more inviting all year round. With a standard sized garden, doing this basic maintenance should need no more than 3 hours in a week. Which means you have more time to sit back and enjoy your beautiful landscape.

Anyone living in the Ocoee, FL area looking for a professional and reliable yard maintenance service should give BG Beautiful Landscaping Services a call at (407) 953-8272 today. We are looking forward to working with you!



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