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A Professional Lawn Service Provider Gives Helpful Tips

Having a new lawn is a constant source of joy for homeowners, as long as it is properly cared for. So knowing a few basic lawn care methods will make a big difference. Some professional lawn service companies say this is a job for a professional. While this is not a bad idea, it is not always true. It can be possible to have a good looking lawn with the minimal amount of fuss or financial investment.

Lawn Care

Once a new lawn has matured, the most important thing it needs will be water. How much though is not an exact science, however, we, at BG Beautiful Landscaping Services, recommend homeowners to keep their soil dark. If the soil is tan in color, then it will need more water. This mostly applies in the hot summer months and most homeowners start to water their lawns at the crack of dawn. This decreases the chances of their lawns drying out in the scorching sun.

A common water regimen for new grass is to water it 6 different times a day. And because the earlier the better, starting before sunrise will help you lawn stay healthy. The most important time for new grass is its first 3 weeks, so you must not walk on it. New grass is highly sensitive to pressure and will die if too many people walk on it.

Regarding mowing or cutting your grass, the best time for its first cut is when the lawn has reached around 7.62-10.16 cm in height. It is also good practice to mow once every 10 days or so in its first year. Regular mowing will promote maturity and gives a lawn a fuller and richer look. The final cut before winter commences should leave your lawn around 2.54-5.08 cm in height. This will allow your lawn to grow faster come the following year.

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